Hi, I'm Rae

I have had a passion for taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I picked up my first "real" camera about 18 years ago -- it was my dad's Nikon. But funny thing is my brand of choice the past 10 years has been Canon and I don't think I could ever switch. 

I love shooting lifestyle and capturing the unexpected. Working with kids, babies & couples makes my creativity flutter.  I also shoot monthly for my dear friend and Michigan fashion blogger, Danielle Alexandra. I couldn't be more proud of her success. 

I adore being behind the camera but could also spend countless hours editing. Although I love the light and natural look, I also enjoy exploring more creativity in editing programs. It is so much fun to see each image transform. 

Aside from photography, I have a full-time job in digital advertising. I love CrossFit, Dateline and sports. My real name is Rachel, but my sister has called me Rae since FOREVER. I'm a huge Michigan State and Detroit Tigers Fan. I also just recently bought my first home and have been enjoying home renovation projects. Chip & JoAnna Gains are my IDOLS. If I could move to Texas and live at Magnolia with them, I would! ;)




"It's not the camera. It's the eye behind it" 

"It's not the camera. It's the eye behind it"